Hello Readers!

I wanted to tell everyone that I have a big year planned for 2018!

Look for books two and three in the AWOL Girls series to be released very soon! Warfell and Fey Five is also about to go in the oven, so keep checking my Amazon Author Page.

Also, I am very excited to announce an upcoming collection of Horror shorts and Novellas with award winning Author Hargrove Perth!! We competed together on Kindle Scout, and have since found many common ideas and ideals. I am enthralled with Perth’s amazing Victorian style of writing. I recommend her Steam Punk Series, Decisive Devices, but her library ranges in diversity from Paranormal, Romance, to Horror.

Check out her website, the Paranormal Quill, and Amazon’s Hargrove Perth Author Page!

As well, I am thrilled to have Dark Water Arts Designs do my new cover for Eye of the Equifade, Warfell and Fey book one! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Finally, for Spring of 2018, I wish everyone to know that you can reach me, I will respond! I also encourage all Indie Authors to come together, communicate, and share ideas.

Love you guys…


How do we define the works of JA Stone? His poetry is grey, taunting death like a rabbit’s foot in the pocket of a soldier. His novels are a hybrid fusion of dark fantasy, science fiction, war, and mystery. His exploratory artwork carries a style all its own.

First, we have the Ascensions of Serenity series of four novels, beginning with a Knights V. Aliens theme in Taros Comes Wanting and continuing to follow the lives and afterlives of Terra’s greatest heroes, a unique melding of paranormal fantasy and science fiction.

Next, there comes the indefinable¬†Warfell and Fey series, another quartet documenting extraordinary events on the rocky moon of Aleutha. Two incredible women, British Fey and Danica Warfell hunt and combat serial killers and psychopaths. Think of it as detectives with swords, following leads given to them by a powerful Spirit known as the Aequitas Caelum. The Ghost, (British’s Father), locates the killers through the eyes of their victims and the girls give chase, raising the concept of a strong female lead to a whole new level. The action is intense, the personalities of the characters so very real. These novels are gripping and unforgettable.

Stone’s work can indeed be identified by some common themes found throughout. Powerful Spirits, strong women as protagonists, and a scientific approach to the theologies of extended human consciousness, magic, and the natural world.

Stone is like no other novelist living or extant.

In music, the true beauty of song lies within the infinite number of possible compositions derived from the chromatic scale, each song is a snowflake. Such is the same for the written word and twenty-seven simple letters arranged so.

Novelists create amazing realms, stories previously unimaginable until set in stone for all to see….